Announcement: Trainer to trainer services

I am excited to announce a new subscription-based service for trainers. If you’re a trainer looking to take your clients to their next level, Paramount Performance offers program designs for 2-3 times per week workouts. Trends can either be a 4 or 6-week training block. These are categorized as Sport Performance, which is tailored to the requested sport, or the Executive Wellness program complete with corrective exercises, training progressions, and recovery mechanisms.

Over 25 years of personal trainer experience and a depth of client interaction, from coaching in countless High School, Collegiate, and professional levels, allows me the capability to teach you my custom programs. This allows you to be more integrated with the client and not have to think on the fly, allowing your depth of interaction to be richer and more involved. Ultimately, this is why the client is with you! Decisions in exercise regimens can be made earlier allowing you to execute with more consistency at a high level.

The What

  • We meet, virtually or in person, once per week to review program(s)
  • Programs are custom-tailored in 4 or 6-week cycles

The How

  • I teach you my programming, methods, and practices

The Why

  • Increases consistency of your sessions
  • Reduces risk of injury to your clients

Reach out if you would like to discuss how to expand your training regiments.